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A Turning Point In Indian Democracy

It has happened; happened today the 28th December 2013 in Delhi. A silent revolution has taken place. Democracy has breathed the freedom from the shackles of bondage after approximately 4 decades. Nobody could even imagine till December 7 that something like this was going to happen. Not even the Chief Minister of Delhi, sworn in […]

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Voter Turn Out Expression Of Anger

The recently concluded elections to four states (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan & Delhi) witnessed a heavy voter turn out. This is currently being debated on TV channels by all categories of political pundits within the usual parameters of anti-incumbency, pro-incumbency, right, left, centre middle, corruption and inflation. Exit polls have favoured the BJP and discounted […]

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Spring in Delhi

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Wah! Curiosity

The silken Mars landing of the Curiosity today is very inspiring to all those who love ideas and innovations. Why does the apple always fall to the ground? The question must have been asked several times by several children, who might have been ridiculed for asking silly questions or even thrashed talking nonsense. But when […]

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