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Congratulations Mr President

America grants another 4 years to President Obama. He has been receiving congratulations from all the four corners of the world. I too join in sending my best wishes to Mr Obama for such a stunning victory, which is a sign of his popularity with the American people. As a political analyst and current affairs […]

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S For satire = S For Sedition ?

A young Indian cartoonist, Aseem Trivedi, has been charged by the Mumbai police under the sedition  law, for some of his cartoons. I have never seen his cartoons and as learnt from the media, neither most others. That means he has yet to acquire fame as a cartoonist. But thanks to the Mumbai police Aseem […]

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Public Paroxysm & Political Parties In Democracy

Public demonstrations against democratically elected governments are regular occurrences in democracies globally. Why is it that the public gives vent to its paroxysm so frequently? Developed countries face public anger in the form of occupy Wall Street while others have protests like India Against Corruption or Movement against black money stashed away in foreign countries. […]

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If God is Dead, So is the Devil

What is truth? What is false? The lawyers community does not seem to subscribe to the notions of truth or falsehood. The biggest, most influential and rich class of people, created by democracy is the lawyers. In millions of court cases in India, the litigants have filed sworn affidavits stating their opposing case. So the […]

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What is common between high taxes on personal incomes and robbery? Both dispossess the earner of his legitimate income by unfair means. Is there any upper limit on personal income tax? No, there is none. The greatest flaw of  democracy is this power of taxation without any limit in the hands of the elected members […]

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Shoegate to Laptopgate

Ever since a shoe was flung at George Bush, easily the most powerful President in the world, it has become so popular that it has been generously copied in India, the world’s largest democracy. So many shoes have been hurled at God knows how many dignitaries so far, including Home Minister Chidambaram and the Congress […]

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Restiveness or Cussedness ?

People, press and the media anxiously await the outcome of the elections to the five state assemblies in the first week of March this year. Questions are being asked if the public outcry against corruption as displayed in the Anna Hazare led Lokpal movement will translate into votes in these elections. There are valid reasons […]

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