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Modi Defeats Congress, Wins Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh

Narendra Modi has proved his leadership by winning Gujarat assembly elections for the party for the 6th time in a row and snatching Himachal Pradesh from the Congress for the party. Gujarat is one of the leading business states of India who are portrayed by the Congress party and its allies as against demonetisation and GST among other economic reforms of Prime Minister Modi. The voters of Gujarat gave thumping approval to demonetisation, GST and all other economic reforms. Modi goes to general elections 2019 with enhanced confidence.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Re-Establishes Leadership

The results of the recently held assembly elections to 5 states – UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur & Goa – have come today. The results are going to determine the direction of politics in India in the next few years, particularly the election of the President of India due in coming July and parliamentary polls 2019. As the title of my book highlights, it is more important that Narendra Modi has successfully changed the direction of the political wind in India.

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The Cosmic Order

That is the command of the Cosmic Order. It needs to be noted that whenever decadence overwhelms any System, the Super Cosmic Order comes into play to restore Order in society and provide relief to the innocent people and protect them from the oppression of the Evil. Among various forms of Evil, which is Sinful, intellectual dishonesty is the worst; it is like the acclaimed scholars misinterpreting or misconstruing the Scriptures.

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2016: Year of Good Governance

A country of 1.25 billion was held to ransom by just a 125 crooks who stole all political power with the help of black money. They thought they had established their rule forever. But they have been proved wrong by the inherently honest Indian people in just 50 days. Narendra Modi has won the people’s trust. For the people of India he is a leader endowed with the right qualities of leadership: visionary, decisive, honest, knowledgeable and farsighted.

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