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Modi Defeats Congress, Wins Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh

Narendra Modi has proved his leadership by winning Gujarat assembly elections for the party for the 6th time in a row and snatching Himachal Pradesh from the Congress for the party. Gujarat is one of the leading business states of India who are portrayed by the Congress party and its allies as against demonetisation and GST among other economic reforms of Prime Minister Modi. The voters of Gujarat gave thumping approval to demonetisation, GST and all other economic reforms. Modi goes to general elections 2019 with enhanced confidence.

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From Maoism to Marketism ?

  Whatever happened to Maoism? It has lost steam. It has become redundant. It has been jettisoned by China lock, stock & barrel. The China ruling party has decided to opt for market economy. Till yesterday the Maoists used to despise even a passing mention of market economy as the preferred economic religion of modern […]

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Radia Tapes – Supreme Court Gets It Right!

The Supreme Court made some harsh observations during the hearing on the Radia tapes case in the 1st week of August 2013. As reported in the national press, the court observed that the tapes contained several important issues but the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) remained focused only on the issue of 2 G spectrum […]

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Subsidy misnomer for Investment

Every year at the budget time, Economists express great worries about the rising figures of subsidies, especially those on fertilizers. Pre-budget commentaries this year too are no different. But the Economists must understand that there is no subsidy. There is nothing gratis. The government does not do charity to the farmer by making available chemical […]

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