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India’s Economy Moving In Positive Direction, Finance Minister

It  is  Indeed  very  reassuring  that  the  Indian  economy  is  moving  in  the  positive  direction.  In the  context  of   turmoil  in  the  global  stock  markets,  such  statements  deliver  desired  positive  results.   The   Bombay  Stock  Exchange (SENSEX) has  registered  positive  trends  on  10th  August 2011.  But  the  Sensex  is  hardly  any  barometer  of   growth.  It  has […]

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Two economies – black & white – no more

The time for two economies in India is over. Now black money should be retired and not granted any further extension of tenure! The defenders of the black money owners and their operations are only exposing themselves to more public ridicule day by day. Who owns this black money? Less than 10,000 Indians. What percentage […]

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