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Assets and Resources of India’s Soft Power

India is a country which laid great emphasis on acquisition of knowledge (Gyan). It was a practicing knowledge society devoted to seek more and more knowledge in diverse fields such as health, longevity (Ayurvigyan), mathematics, botany, chemistry, physics, statistics, environment, climate, agriculture, animal husbandry, astronomy, philosophy, literature, language and several other fields. Consider this pithy vocation: “Gyanam paramam dhyeyam”. It translates into Attainment of knowledge is the highest goal.

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FDI In Multi-Brand Retail : Implications For India

The government seems to have made it a prestige issue or economic superpowers are breathing hot on their neck to allow multi-brand retail to foreign direct investors. The govt has not released any worthwhile information on the loss of self-employment opportunities for the low income groups, who will be destroyed by the FDI in retail. […]

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