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Did God Also Make Mistake?

He who is all perfection seems to have committed at least one terrible mistake- the mistake of creating Man. Why did the Lord think of creating man? Should He not have stopped after creating everything before thinking of adding one more species to His beautiful Garden on Earth? Can God commit a mistake?

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The Creation & The Void

One widely discoursed topic among the enlightened is the conflict in life. People get easily perplexed by seeming duality, such as in pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness, this life and the other life. There should really be no worry about such seemingly opposite realities. They are one and the same thing. Whatever seems contrasting […]

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Sunday Musings

We see birth of babies, leaves and flowers. We also see corpses but not death. We are told that it is death of the person or animal, but we don’t see it. We are only aware. We accept it. We accept the reality of Death! We also accept the reality of Birth. Is one an […]

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