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Appeal To Shri Anna Hazare

  Anna has achieved more than I, an ordinary member of the civil society,had expected! He has succeeded in making the parliament take notice of the devastating effect corruption was having on the aam aadmi life and conduct a genuinely serious analysis and consideration.I have been glued to the TV for several hours now and […]

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Parliament’s Appeal To Anna To End Fast

What a wonderful unity of the sense of the House! We salute the Institution called parliament. However, we can’t forget the faces of corruption, crime,and cruelty occupying the holy premises of the House! Had our MPS been men and women of the highest moral character and integrity, there would have never arisen any need for […]

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A Historic Day

August 24, 2011 is likely to become a historic day for the nation. Anna Hazare’s health has started worrying the nation! Prayers and Good Wishes for his health have increased. Yesterday Dr Man Mohan Singh gave the first signal of his improved political vision on the corruption issue. Indications are that the government has decided […]

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Delhi Police Grants No Permission for Hazare’s Fast

Police: please note that law is unlawful that denies Gandhians in India to carry on a peaceful fast. Don’t do it. You are committing gravest blunder. That the politicians are corrupt to the core is known to you much better than an average citizen. Please note: No harm is going to be caused to law […]

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