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Still Justifying FDI In Retail

The Prime Minister, Finance Minister, commerce & Industry Minister, other cabinet ministers and the Congress Party have been trying to justify the foreign direct investment in retail stores like Wal-Mart for more than 10 days. Even after one of the alliance partners has parted ways, the government is bent upon pushing it. Why is the […]

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Not Much Scope For Manoeuvring For Man Mohan Singh

Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, resigned on 26th June to file his papers for President. That gave speculators all the freedom to indulge in wild dreams. The new Finance Minister is expected to usher in all the reforms, strengthen the rupee against the US dollar, contain inflation, boost investment, open retail trade for multi-brand FDI, slow […]

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Who Is Poor?

This is a very critical question. All planning and the whole budget exercise hinges around the definition of the poor. The Planning Commission of India had earlier defined a poor person as one whose daily income did not exceed rupees 32. In US dollar terms it comes to around 62 cents. It had raised a […]

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Cricket Now A Commercial Activity, Admits Minister

The Indian Finance Minister has informed the parliament that the BCCI (The Board of Control for Cricket in India) had been enjoying income tax exemption earlier. In the financial year 2007-08  the income tax exemption was withdrawn. Reason? The sports Body is no longer promoting cricket as a charitable activity and is now primarily a […]

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India’s Economy Moving In Positive Direction, Finance Minister

It  is  Indeed  very  reassuring  that  the  Indian  economy  is  moving  in  the  positive  direction.  In the  context  of   turmoil  in  the  global  stock  markets,  such  statements  deliver  desired  positive  results.   The   Bombay  Stock  Exchange (SENSEX) has  registered  positive  trends  on  10th  August 2011.  But  the  Sensex  is  hardly  any  barometer  of   growth.  It  has […]

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