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Threats to Homeland Security

The forces of destabilization were acting against Nehru, hoping his death will create a vacuum for them to Occupy India. Indira Gandhi frustrated their aspirations for power. Now it is Narendra Modi winning people’s mandate for a clean and strong government. The forces of destabilization will continue to work like this, ruin academic environment, mislead students for recruitment to their ranks (similar to silently operating drug lords and crime mafia). The decisive mandate given by the Indian voter disoriented these anti-people anti-national forces, for they had always treated the poor uneducated masses with sophisticated scorn. They went into political hiding in fear for some time, waiting for Modi to commit blunders. They never considered Modi fit to be the Prime Minister. For these elements Rahul Gandhi is Prime Minister material. But Modi frustrated them more than Indira Gandhi. So, in complicity with their foreign investors in political upheavals in India,

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