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What is common between high taxes on personal incomes and robbery? Both dispossess the earner of his legitimate income by unfair means. Is there any upper limit on personal income tax? No, there is none. The greatest flaw of  democracy is this power of taxation without any limit in the hands of the elected members […]

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Herald of a New Era in Governance

The developments of the last  fortnight , culminating in a historic special session of the two Houses of the Indian parliament,  herald a new era in governance. The hopelessness of the masses can be gauged by the powerful cries against corruption throughout India. Age, gender, creed, caste, community, region profession –no barriers, no road blocks, […]

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Chain and cage the corrupt

Yeh public bhi kya-kya kahati hai !  ( How to deal with corruption: Public speak) A journey in the local city transport bus can be more instructive  than the moderated superficial debates on television channels on subjects of current national and international affairs. I happened to witness one such event in a DTC(Delhi Transport Bus) […]

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