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Encroaching Senior Citizens’ Space

The 17th June calamity in Uttarakhand has been widely covered in the media. Its enormity was grossly underestimated in the first instance in typical bureaucratic manner to first downplay the damage. The Prime Minister made an aerial survey of some areas and announced a financial assistance package of just Rs. 1,000 crores! However the visuals […]

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Hospital Failed Her But She Rehabilitated A Neurotically Suffering Nation

She died. The nation mourned her trauma, suffering and ultimate death. The doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi did the best that medical advancements could do. She was flown to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore as a last ditch attempt to succeed. But it was to be otherwise! She breathed her last in […]

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Taming The Internet?

There are no two opinions that more than 50% of the government in any democracy consists of first rate fools. This percentage goes up if the survival of the government depends on coalition partners. Worst if the government purchases votes for winning a confidence vote in the parliament. If such a government is afflicted by […]

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India Lacks Storage Space For Food Grains !

Is there something like “sovereign crime”? If there is no such thing, it is time to put it on the statute book. The helplessness pleaded by the Government of India year after year of lack of adequate storage space for food grains qualifies as one such crime. Millions tonnes of food grain are deliberately destroyed […]

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Terrorism More Than Unlawful Activity

The government of India is very keen to make the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) operational from March, 2012 itself. But several state governments have strongly opposed the move, as they were not consulted on the subject even as “law & Order and Police” is their Executive responsibility under the Constitution of India.There is genuine […]

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