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The Minister Incurs Disqualification

A minister incurs a disqualification for the office if he violates his oath of office. By taking the oath, the person binds himself/herself to the discipline of the solemn parts of that oath. When the minister behaves in a manner that violates the whole or any part of that oath, it is incumbent upon him/her […]

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Moving From Bribe To Penalty

One power in the hands of the corrupt elements in the government establishment is to delay disposal of a file. A file is a request or application or any actionable receipt, such as a letter on which a decision is required to be taken. Though there are monitoring mechanisms to watch the processing of any […]

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Suppressio Veri or Suggestio Falsi ?

The UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government, led by Man Mohan Singh and the Congress Party led by Sonia and her son Rahul, have begun damage control exercise after witnessing the groundswell of public support to Anna Hazare led movement. Both the party and its government have  been rudely shaken by the spontaneous support to Anna […]

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