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Happy Diwali

It is a day to celebrate happiness in life. There may not be much happiness but still we need to grab the moment of happiness and feel happy. We light up earthen lamps called Diya. Billions of Diya are lighted up to nudge everyone to come out of the dark corners of life where most people are trapped for economic or health reasons.
It is a wonderful economic activity which provides regular and sustainable livelihood and employment. Yet, it has been under increasing attack from uninformed/half-informed/ill-informed elements, whose only goal is to grab newspaper headlines or TV photo opportunity. They can’t justify their attack.

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How To Make & Not Make Money

Every year on the auspicious occasion of the festival of Diwali, a surfeit of some of the finest views on the significance of this day are carried by the media. There must be really something significant about it that it evokes such wide spread comments. For the scientific and the rationalist, it presents a potential […]

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