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America Elects, Mandates Trump, Rejects Media

Street riots in America post election of Donald Trump as President-Elect of America undermines democracy & validates the violent means of dispute resolution of terrorist organizations like the Al-Qaeda & the ISIS as well as unmasking the true face of “liberals”.

Any change in election method can be applicable prospectively only.

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CNN = Clinton News Network?

Instead of promoting Hillary Clinton’s case for Presidency this election, the CNN has ruined her case awfully. I wonder if Hillary Clinton needs the crutches of a TV channel like the CNN because she is taller than the CNN, carries more weight than the opinions of CNN anchors and like-minded participants and presents a better account of herself and her ideas?

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America Does Not Rule The Airwaves

It would be in the interests not only of the American voters and contestants but all of humanity if the press/media in America sticks to the cardinal rules of fair and honest reporting. Here is the list of Ten Commandments for the press/media:

Thou shall not fabricate news.
Thou shall not misinform.
Thou shall not resort to disinformation.
Thou shall not commit unholy alliance with the ruling class.
Thou shall always remain fair & true to thy profession of journalism.
Thou shall not murder reputations.
Thou shall not bear false witness to thy rivals.
Thou shall ever be faithful only to the people.
Thou shall never turn commercial.
Thou shall never fall for the flesh or lucre.

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Clinton & Trump: Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong?

Can they guarantee that a defeat for Donald Trump is a guarantee of the Islamic terrorists sparing America? Can they guarantee that the victory of Hillary Clinton shall protect America from another 9/11 on the American soil. Can they assure that the defeat of Donald Trump will also mean the end of Islamic terrorism?

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Media’s Treatment of Donald Trump & Prime Minister Modi

There is really no comparison between the two leaders excepting the role of the media. The media in both cases has failed to learn and continued to preach and make horribly wrong assessment of the public mood and the popularity of these two leaders with them. Otherwise Donald Trump is a rich man and Modi a not-rich man; Trump an astute American businessman and Modi a public servant in the true mold of Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave; Trump a part time politician and Modi a full time one. There is one similarity though – both have attracted in abundance negative compliments from the media.

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America confronted with the only choice

the enemy has global ambitions to establish the rule of Islam as interpreted by it. And here lie the roots of this new brand of global conflict which threatens human civilization everywhere

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