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America Mutes All Anti-American Propagandists

American intervention in Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or in other parts of the world had its critics rush to target it in the most unsavory terms. That could be justified on ideological grounds  during the cold war. There was need for justification for intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It divided global opinion; some […]

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The Ireland Abortion Law Violates Human Rights

Denial of medical termination of pregnancy of a woman whose death appears imminent, in the name of religion, is the worst example of violation of human rights. It is outrageous, anachronistic, outdated to do so. In an age of great human achievements in all field, such practices defame religion and religious practices. A woman has […]

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Radio Tagging Students is Violation of Human Rights

Chain, shackles or collar–call it by any name, but it is complete violation of Human Right. As if it was not enough that the American authorities resorted to this practice of the dark ages in the 21st century, it has been justified too. What is wrong with America? Why is she doing things in a […]

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