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Alert For Prime Minister Modi

If Modi has survived the non-stop assault on him all these months, it is due to his integrity and plans for public good, which have kept him so much above his opponents that they will never succeed in harming him till 2019, God willing! That is the secret of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s success.

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A Turning Point In Indian Democracy

It has happened; happened today the 28th December 2013 in Delhi. A silent revolution has taken place. Democracy has breathed the freedom from the shackles of bondage after approximately 4 decades. Nobody could even imagine till December 7 that something like this was going to happen. Not even the Chief Minister of Delhi, sworn in […]

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Ordinance To Save Convicted MP’s and MLA’s

Rahul Gandhi has broken his silence. He has called nonsense a nonsense without mincing words like the crooked politicians fattening on Indian democracy or the courtiers perfect in the art of manipulative English or the diplomatese with multi-meaning verbose or the shrewd calculating operators opening their mouth only when they become sure of personal gains. […]

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A Political Fantasy Called “Third Front”

Come general elections in India and a slew of political light weights enter the dream world of fantasy imagining themselves as part of a new political grouping they call the third front. As per their definition the third front is visualized to stand at ‘equidistance” from both the Congress Party and the BJP (Bhartiya Janata […]

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The Washington Post Storm-Manmohan Singh A Tragic Figure

The Washington Post has enlivened an otherwise staid output from the Indian Fourth Estate for long. It has published an article by Simon Danyer under the title: “India’s ‘silent’ prime minister becomes a tragic figure”. It has activated the Congress Party’s ministers into porcupine like offensive mode as usual and they have gone to the […]

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