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Alert For Prime Minister Modi

If Modi has survived the non-stop assault on him all these months, it is due to his integrity and plans for public good, which have kept him so much above his opponents that they will never succeed in harming him till 2019, God willing! That is the secret of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s success.

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An Anthology of Indian Media Terrorism Against The Viewers

The press, especially the television medium, has been extremely unfair to the viewers and unjust to the targets it chooses to attack. It sells only stories, hardly disseminating news in any objective manner. It treats itself not as the independent Fourth Estate of the Indian democracy but superior chamber of the State, superintending and supervising, directing and regulating, ordering and reviewing in the avtar of the highest authority of the state. The media forgets that knowledge is no more the monopoly of the few when journalists and editors used to occupy a higher position in society. Today, they sound stupid by running such stories: the people may not hit them physically but hit the remote button to switch them off!

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Freedom Of Speech Not Freedom Of Mischief

Are TV studios police stations? Are TV anchors investigators at the Guantanamo Bay Camp? Are the TV host not supposed to ask all their questions politely? Are TV anchors active politicians? Can the TV stations claim to be independent while freely indulging in political propaganda? Are the hosts on TV programmes the only all knowing intellectuals in the world? Can they When the TV shows talk about the film PK, they call it Amir Khan film, instantly igniting communal feelings intentionally, because the Gods & Goddesses belong to the Hindu pantheon whereas Amir Khan is a Muslim as his name suggests (but truly a secular person), though Amir Khan is neither the producer nor the director nor even the script writer of the film (who all are Hindu perhaps). But for the mischief of Hindu & Muslim sought to be invoked by TV anchors here, nobody would have even noticed what the film is about! Is this not criminal irresponsibility on the part of the TV industry & its editors/anchors/hosts? Should they be allowed the privilege of stoking hatred among different communities in the country, provoke the yo

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People Don’t Trust the Media Anymore

I had portrayed the contemporary scenario in my post titled “Media Complains Against Social Media” on this site, but am pleasantly surprised to find an article by Mr. Vinod Mehta under the caption “ My Darling Columnists”. Mehta is a prominent print and electronic journalist and editor with 40 years of experience. In these forty […]

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