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The Vesti Proved More Eloquent Than Speech

The recent meeting of Indian PM Narendra Modi with the visiting Chinese Leader was widely covered by the media. There were many comments and interpretations on the dress of the Prime Minister. Here is one from me for the discerning readers.

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Assets and Resources of India’s Soft Power

India is a country which laid great emphasis on acquisition of knowledge (Gyan). It was a practicing knowledge society devoted to seek more and more knowledge in diverse fields such as health, longevity (Ayurvigyan), mathematics, botany, chemistry, physics, statistics, environment, climate, agriculture, animal husbandry, astronomy, philosophy, literature, language and several other fields. Consider this pithy vocation: “Gyanam paramam dhyeyam”. It translates into Attainment of knowledge is the highest goal.

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If Democracy Flows From The Barrel Of The Gun…

India’s non-violence is but a manifestation of our soft power superpower role. Be it the peasant-farmer, artisan, labour, scholars, sublimity, Veda, Upnishad, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Mahatma Gandhi, film producers/directors/actors/writers/musicians or anything else, we have more than enough to dust, polish, modernize and share with the world.

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