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America confronted with the only choice

the enemy has global ambitions to establish the rule of Islam as interpreted by it. And here lie the roots of this new brand of global conflict which threatens human civilization everywhere

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Jehadis Challenge Democracy

The civilized societies of modern democracies have to revisit their laws. Terrorists are exploiting the laws of modern liberal democratic societies. They can’t be treated to fair and equal treatment of the law. They inflict widespread casualties but suffer no consequences on arrest as they get away with the justice dispensation mechanism practiced by democracies. Inhuman elements deserve no human treatment.Violence for violence, brutality for brutality, savagery for savagery is not the answer. The world has invested heavily in modernizing. It can’t waste all its intellectual, moral and scientific achievements to reach this level by adopting the same means as are practiced by the ISIS or similar other terror groups. Doing so would validate their style. Besides, the modern world would find itself a weak match for the barbarity of the terrorists. Other methods would need to be devised.It has to be a UNO devised response.

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A World Falling Apart

What is happening to our world? Is it falling apart? Only 20 years ago we celebrated globalization. We were immersed in colorful dreams of the world as a global village. I too celebrated the development and drew attention to the Indian view of treating the world as our family (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam). However, the world seems to be disintegrating in less than a quarter of a century. Do we hold our progress responsible for it? Distances have shrunk, communication is instant, smart living is fast replacing human effort, test tubes have substituted the womb, cloning is a reality, we have conquered hunger & disease largely, we have captured all the knowledge in a single DVD.Will the global village fall apart and restore the old composition of nations, societies and communities based on race, religion, creed, cast, clan, language, region or gender? Is there an invisible cycle of change in this narration? Is it only a story of growth & decay? The prosperity to poverty and poverty to prosperity cycle hints at that cycle. Wealth is known to constantly move from one owner to the other. It can be a person or a nation. Empires emerged and disappeared

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Conflict Between Modernity & Medievalism

India is witnessing a conflict of medievalism and modernity. The elite class claims to belong to modernity, professes secularism, democracy, human rights, equality, justice and everything else that goes by the markings of modernity. As against it, a large number of people practice medieval way of life, rejecting everything that resembles ever distantly as modern. But it is just not India as the whole world is engulfed in this war. This war, whenever it takes place, will prove to be the most devastating one. The freedom of the human mind is likely to emerge victorious thereafter. But will it? Or the process of further human bondage has already begun?

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Delhi Voters Verdict Confounds Everyone

While the anti-corruption agitation connected Arvind Kejriwal to the middle class, the focus on urban poverty connected him to the urban poor Delhi residents. There lies the mystery of the “scary” victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. It contains a hidden message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think of “smart villages” before you devote all your energies on setting up or developing 100 smart cities. You need smart villages to sustain smart cities.

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Violence & Non-Violence

Is the world not confronted with same dilemma of ISIS making today? It is neither the sole responsibility of America (derided for being the world’s policeman) nor Europe to intervene in the crisis before the human society caused by ISIS but of the entire global village that mankind boasts of today and desires to live in. ISIS is affecting Nigeria and others in Africa, Asia, Australia and might cover even China and Russia. The need of the hour is to subject ISIS to proper analysis to understand the nature of violence, the need to remedy it by non-violence, and draw up an order that satisfies all interests reducing conflict to the minimum and ushering in a new era of happiness in the human history. Fire the soft power first before even the first shot is fired from the sophisticated weapons. The world needs to overcome this mood of doom and gloom and exchange it for hope and happiness.

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America Mutes All Anti-American Propagandists

American intervention in Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or in other parts of the world had its critics rush to target it in the most unsavory terms. That could be justified on ideological grounds  during the cold war. There was need for justification for intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It divided global opinion; some […]

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Security Must Be Foolproof

I am no security expert. So what I am writing is as a public affairs commentator who has been keenly watching important world developments. The trigger for this piece comes from my internal promptings which tell me to write what I consider relevant. Today Red Alert has been sounded for Delhi and Mumbai, prompted by […]

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