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Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi & Truth

Mahatma Gandhi gave India a unique set of development goals, which were sustainable. Khadi weaving, development of micro enterprises called village industries and Truth were the levers to that growth. Truth wins over un-truth, if practiced in the Gandhian way. Read more…

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If God is Dead, So is the Devil

What is truth? What is false? The lawyers community does not seem to subscribe to the notions of truth or falsehood. The biggest, most influential and rich class of people, created by democracy is the lawyers. In millions of court cases in India, the litigants have filed sworn affidavits stating their opposing case. So the […]

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Treading The Path Of Justice & Righteousness

Insaaf ki dagar pe, bachcho dikhao chalke. Aur hum chale. Chalte chalte yehan tak aa pahunche hai! ( Two lines from an inspiring Hindi film song, which has been played for long  on the occasions  of  the Independence Day, August 15 and Republic Day January 26. An inspiring song exhorting children to tread the path […]

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