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Bureaucratic Mindsets

E-commerce has come to stay here till such time its competitor uproots it. Till then, the government needs to look at it with a constructive mind and positive outlook. It should come forward to help new entrepreneurs to participate in this trade revolution. If the economic superpowers and their giant enterprises are investing heavily to capture the Indian retail market, why should the government of India and the states not do so? The approach of the Delhi value added tax department needs to be changed completely to achieve such a goal. Instead of scaring away the e-commerce entrepreneurs by threatening

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Knowledge Society Has Always Been

The 21st Century is called the Knowledge Society. The history of human race is witness to varying degrees of knowledge society. Without knowledge there would have been no progress in human society. Some societies were dominated by rulers who controlled knowledge and its spread; made selective access to knowledge and means of knowledge a privilege […]

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Media Protectees & Media Fidayeens

The media, believed to be independent and objecting, has often been charged of bias. It has its own favourites and disfavourites. It is different that they prejudices and flattering coinages are masked in appropriate jargon. India has been witness to this saga for more than a year, ever since Narendra Modi became a serious contender […]

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A Political Fantasy Called “Third Front”

Come general elections in India and a slew of political light weights enter the dream world of fantasy imagining themselves as part of a new political grouping they call the third front. As per their definition the third front is visualized to stand at ‘equidistance” from both the Congress Party and the BJP (Bhartiya Janata […]

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End of News

Why are newspapers distributed in the morning? It is really an unwelcome intrusion on precious morning time of the reader. It is the worst beginning of the day. It is more than a jab for a drug addict. It goes straight into the head, bypassing the digestive and circulatory systems of the body. It is […]

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Suicides, Religion and Knowledge Society

The global Indian members of the contemporary knowledge society are turning more religious than the lesser educated people. What is driving them to religion? Spirituality? Ritual? Religion? No definite answer can be given, since only trends have been observed. This class of people is in the highest strata of society by any measurement. They belong […]

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