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Why Jai Shri Ram Not Jai Shri Krishna?

Why do the Hindu community say Jai Shri Ram and why not Jai Shri Krishna? A columnist has raised a question which had been raised by several others many a time. To get an answer one needs to understand division of Time into 4 epochs of Satyug, Treta, Dwapar, Kalyug and Avatar in different epochs. Maryada made Lord Ram’s name chanted on all occasions while people also chant Jai Shri Krishna and Jai Radhey. Such a profound subject demands a deed study.

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No Evidence of Alien Life Really?

The White House is reported to have said that “it has no evidence that extra-terrestrials have even tried to contact humans”. America seems to have become some kind of a new Church of the modern knowledge society to pronounce on such delicate subjects. If no extra-terrestrials had ever contacted the humans, how could Jesus, Ram, […]

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Monsoon Moods

Watching magnanimous drops pouring generously, after eluding this part of the city, during the month of  Shravan (July-August) under the national calendar. We have entered the next month of Bhadon or Bhadrapad (August-Septenber). On the coming 22nd of August we celebrate sree Krishna Janmasthami or the birthday of Lord Krishna. Legend has it that the […]

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