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What Are These Symbols?

What do the images of Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu pantheon symbolize? Are these expressions of higher consciousness, graphic description of advanced knowledge and superior consciousness sharing individual attainments with others – literate or illiterate or are they acknowledgement and depiction of superior human consciousness to guide people through the mediocre to the sublime? Is human life limited to simply eat, sleep and procreate? Isn’t that the life of other living things? If human beings have larger brains than other specie won’t they, employ it to unravel the mysteries of the universe and improve their life with the aid of such knowledge? This knowledge can be recorded either in writing or graphic descriptions. There is no limit on the species and phenomenon in the universe. In a way, it is infinite. That explains the innumerable images in the Hindu pantheon.

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Beyond Happiness & Unhappiness: SHIVRATRI

Life is a fantastic process of evolution. Yesterday is not today, so today will not be tomorrow. In fact, there is nothing like yesterday, today & tomorrow. Whatever is seen and felt is in a constant state of motion. Hence for some it is dynamic, whereas some others find it static. For some it is […]

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