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Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi & Truth

Mahatma Gandhi gave India a unique set of development goals, which were sustainable. Khadi weaving, development of micro enterprises called village industries and Truth were the levers to that growth. Truth wins over un-truth, if practiced in the Gandhian way. Read more…

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Mahatma Gandhi A Superb Role Model For A Leader

Mahatma Gandhi was a Leader of the highest qualities and a role model. His leadership beat even the clever Britishers, who could not destroy him and suppress his freedom movement.


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Does India Respect the “Father”?

Care for old father or mother as duty/Dharma, not as burden. Law falls short of requirement. Plan for old age in advance. Live life to the full by being self-reliant and independent financially, emotionally and physically.

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Knowledge Society Has Always Been

The 21st Century is called the Knowledge Society. The history of human race is witness to varying degrees of knowledge society. Without knowledge there would have been no progress in human society. Some societies were dominated by rulers who controlled knowledge and its spread; made selective access to knowledge and means of knowledge a privilege […]

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Operation Blue Star: Thatcher-Indira Gandhi Confabulation

Mr. William Hague,  Foreign Secretary of the U.K. has informed the House of Commons on 4 February, 2014 that the British military’s role in the 1984 operation blue star was “limited” and “purely advisory”. He has also given partial details of the letters written by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the British Prime […]

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Tony Blair Less Than Right

The former UK Prime Minister is reported to have said that Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine of non-violence is not universal in the present world scenario. He appears to be weighed down by the victories(?) scored by terrorists since 9/11. I don’t blame him, for he saw no terrorism before 9/11, though India was bleeding for decades. […]

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Tears In Eyes, Prayers On Lips

It was terrible this morning to learn about the American School shooting. One really doesn’t imagine such dastardly acts. Unfortunate that small children were killed ! The world has mourned their death! The global village that the connected world today is, was shocked beyond belief. Only He can provide solace to the families that will […]

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