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Letter To Zuckerberg & America

Press report in India are suggesting that the international gangs of political opportunists, economic debauch, libertarian intellectuals, fake professors, deviant commentators, agents of political parties and foreign countries are petitioning Zuckerberg and other American CEOs not to host the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Stung to dead silence by an awfully successful visit of Prime Minister Modi last year, they are being propped up by their employers to get back to business..There is no room for suggestio falsi suppressio veri dear Indian Americans, and your petitions to Zuckerberg or anybody else paints a very poor picture of you in your individual capacity. Liberty has never meant license and shall never be. The wise on their own exercise restraint in their speech, but you seem to be thriving on breach of that principle of dignified scholarly discourse, excepting out of fear for the host country. But as an Indian, a Hindu also, we are liberal as ever not to ask you to discontinue your efforts, because we don’t waste time on correcting others but keep pursuing our own goal of righteous living: we believe that life offers the only option of being on the side of either Dharma or Adharma (righteous or unrighteous) once it has been clearly understood what is Dharma. Is your dharma, if I may ask you, to serve the country

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