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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Re-Establishes Leadership

The results of the recently held assembly elections to 5 states – UP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur & Goa – have come today. The results are going to determine the direction of politics in India in the next few years, particularly the election of the President of India due in coming July and parliamentary polls 2019. As the title of my book highlights, it is more important that Narendra Modi has successfully changed the direction of the political wind in India.

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Gandhi Dummy Thugging the Aam Aadmi

India is land to some of the very best thugs in the world, but one man by the name of Natwar Lal earned quite a name. There is no dearth of his followers, who make regular news. They are all smooth talkers, who charm, mesmerise and hypnotize even the smartest guys in seconds. One can […]

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Robbing the Poor

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) programme of the Government of India aims to reach health services to the “poor” in rural India. It is funded by the Government of India and implemented through the State Governments, who are federating units of the Union of India. It has become an election issue in the Uttar […]

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