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A World Falling Apart

What is happening to our world? Is it falling apart? Only 20 years ago we celebrated globalization. We were immersed in colorful dreams of the world as a global village. I too celebrated the development and drew attention to the Indian view of treating the world as our family (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam). However, the world seems to be disintegrating in less than a quarter of a century. Do we hold our progress responsible for it? Distances have shrunk, communication is instant, smart living is fast replacing human effort, test tubes have substituted the womb, cloning is a reality, we have conquered hunger & disease largely, we have captured all the knowledge in a single DVD.Will the global village fall apart and restore the old composition of nations, societies and communities based on race, religion, creed, cast, clan, language, region or gender? Is there an invisible cycle of change in this narration? Is it only a story of growth & decay? The prosperity to poverty and poverty to prosperity cycle hints at that cycle. Wealth is known to constantly move from one owner to the other. It can be a person or a nation. Empires emerged and disappeared

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