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Jihadists In Conflict With the Crusaders?

America is a Super Power. That is its only limitation. This superpower can take on any other superpower in the world and achieve results in no time. But here it is pitted against a “tiny” power! This tiny power is not visible until it has inflicted the injury. It is no different from attacks of viral fever, pneumonia, Dengue or Chikungunya. The cause of viral is not known. Its germs can’t be detected under the most powerful microscopes. There is no treatment of viral fever- the patient simply suffers and prays it subsides. Luckily it is self limiting and thus spares the patients after a week or 10 day. Terrorism is like the viral fever for which there is no treatment so far. Worse still, it is not self-limiting/self- subsiding. If anything, it is self-expanding.

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