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The Trump Mass Upheaval

President Trump has to ignore the American media completely, at least for two years hence, as it is one of the powerful arms of the democracy marketers. Their patrons- the CIA and other agencies should be the next to ignore for Trump. Many of the unnecessary armed conflicts in the world have been caused by the so called intelligence agencies in the past and they are hell bent upon creating something still worse in Syria in the name of fighting ISIS but actually targeting Russia. America should stop its unholy wars in foreign lands and respect peace as a better option.

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Conflict Between Modernity & Medievalism

India is witnessing a conflict of medievalism and modernity. The elite class claims to belong to modernity, professes secularism, democracy, human rights, equality, justice and everything else that goes by the markings of modernity. As against it, a large number of people practice medieval way of life, rejecting everything that resembles ever distantly as modern. But it is just not India as the whole world is engulfed in this war. This war, whenever it takes place, will prove to be the most devastating one. The freedom of the human mind is likely to emerge victorious thereafter. But will it? Or the process of further human bondage has already begun?

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Without Tradition, Without Modernity

Development, prosperity, urbanization, high incomes and still higher ambitions are leading the best brains into a state of mental breakdown, spurring crimes most unthinkable. What started as some rare exceptions is fast becoming almost the norm. Under strain are all bonds of love: parent-child; husband-wife; friendships. The hardest hit is the institution of marriage. From […]

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