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No Free Lunches To No Lunch No Reform

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has forfeited the trust of the people of India. Immediately after entering the office of the Prime Minister he announced boldly that there are no free lunches. He promised reforms and especially targeted reduction in all kinds of subsidies in the name of economic growth. In the tenth year […]

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Why Is Narendra Modi In The News?

Narendra Modi is in the news for the last two days for various reasons after his nomination as the candidate of the BJP for the position of the Prime Minister of India in the next General Elections. So why are people excited, agitated or neurotic? There are several reasons that have not been highlighted by […]

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The UN Can’t Promote Economic Occupation

The UN is perceived as a kind of a World Government with which the best ethical democratic practices are associated. So when its agencies seek “reforms”, a warm welcome is extended to them by governments, intelligentsia, media and scholars. As poverty afflicts a major part of the world population, reforms are promoted in the name […]

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