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Delhi Assembly Election 2015

representatives of the people are the New Age Jagirdars of India, the Feudal Lords of Democracy, who behave like the old Jagirdars and Zamindars, Maharajas and Nawabs, who used to treat the people as serfs only, as bonded labour or the Bandhua Mazdoors, whom they exploited most inhumanly and before whom they used to throw some doles occasionally, exactly as our Netas are doing today: free ration or wheat @ rupee 1 a kg or rice 2 a kg; free electricity in the name of the farmers or kisans but swallowed by the party stalwarts. These political craftsmen have refined the art of exploitation, couching it in jargon suited to modern times. The colonies of the poor they set up are actually cropping patterns of seeding poverty to harvest rich dividends at election times. A major chunk of the funds meant for the poor for free water, electricity or ration is

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