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Is the Printed Word Losing Out to the Digitized Word?

Today I got two copies of the newspaper I am currently subscribing, with no extra cost! I wonder why? Is it to artificially inflate the subscription figures? On top of it, there is more than 90% junk, full page advertisement  wrapped liberally as the cover page and every alternate page besides 4 page ads inserted […]

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End of News

Why are newspapers distributed in the morning? It is really an unwelcome intrusion on precious morning time of the reader. It is the worst beginning of the day. It is more than a jab for a drug addict. It goes straight into the head, bypassing the digestive and circulatory systems of the body. It is […]

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Steven Jobs Has Gone Nowhere

  Heard a lot on TV channels, read a lot in the newspapers , including from the New York Times(NYT) about Steve Jobs after his death was announced. Most comments are restricted to the business empire the Emperor has left behind! From the glimpses of him as displayed on the TV channels, he was two […]

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