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Assets and Resources of India’s Soft Power

India is a country which laid great emphasis on acquisition of knowledge (Gyan). It was a practicing knowledge society devoted to seek more and more knowledge in diverse fields such as health, longevity (Ayurvigyan), mathematics, botany, chemistry, physics, statistics, environment, climate, agriculture, animal husbandry, astronomy, philosophy, literature, language and several other fields. Consider this pithy vocation: “Gyanam paramam dhyeyam”. It translates into Attainment of knowledge is the highest goal.

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If Democracy Flows From The Barrel Of The Gun…

India’s non-violence is but a manifestation of our soft power superpower role. Be it the peasant-farmer, artisan, labour, scholars, sublimity, Veda, Upnishad, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Mahatma Gandhi, film producers/directors/actors/writers/musicians or anything else, we have more than enough to dust, polish, modernize and share with the world.

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Violence & Non-Violence

Is the world not confronted with same dilemma of ISIS making today? It is neither the sole responsibility of America (derided for being the world’s policeman) nor Europe to intervene in the crisis before the human society caused by ISIS but of the entire global village that mankind boasts of today and desires to live in. ISIS is affecting Nigeria and others in Africa, Asia, Australia and might cover even China and Russia. The need of the hour is to subject ISIS to proper analysis to understand the nature of violence, the need to remedy it by non-violence, and draw up an order that satisfies all interests reducing conflict to the minimum and ushering in a new era of happiness in the human history. Fire the soft power first before even the first shot is fired from the sophisticated weapons. The world needs to overcome this mood of doom and gloom and exchange it for hope and happiness.

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Curious Case of AAP’s Identity Theft & Superficial Secularism

The poor man’s identity itself has been stolen. Look at our nouveau aam aadmi. Do they resemble the real aam aadmi (the nanga-bhooka-garib aam aadmi)? They are either rich or crorepatis or multi lakhpatis at least. Before the birth of the AAP there have been umpteen such claimants to the throne of the poor aam […]

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Tony Blair Less Than Right

The former UK Prime Minister is reported to have said that Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine of non-violence is not universal in the present world scenario. He appears to be weighed down by the victories(?) scored by terrorists since 9/11. I don’t blame him, for he saw no terrorism before 9/11, though India was bleeding for decades. […]

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Buddha And Terrorists

Betraying complete insensitivity to civilized living, the uncouth terrorists struck once again in Bodh Gaya on the 7th of July 2013, killing one person and injuring 6 others in 10 blasts. The MahaBodhi temple is the most venerable seat of Buddhism. It paints the most effective contrasts between the two worlds: civilized and uncivilized. Buddhism […]

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YOGA: The Key To Wellness

Yoga is once again in the news. The American president , Barack Obama, is reported to have organized a yoga session on the Presidential lawns. That was enough for the radicals to criticize it on religious grounds as well as legal grounds. It is possible that the “market forces” are simply exploiting the vulnerability of […]

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Tears In Eyes, Prayers On Lips

It was terrible this morning to learn about the American School shooting. One really doesn’t imagine such dastardly acts. Unfortunate that small children were killed ! The world has mourned their death! The global village that the connected world today is, was shocked beyond belief. Only He can provide solace to the families that will […]

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Future Of Secularism

Where will secularism stand in the year 2112? The Crusaders and the Jehadis will grow stronger by the year. Modernity or 21st Century had no effects on them. Their operations only drew strength from technological empowerment of the human society. The verbal violence of their speech, followed by physical violence of bomb blasts and suicide […]

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Crude or sophisticated Device ?

In my earlier post of Feb16 under the caption What a sticky Affair, I had hinted at the locally available skills of anti social elements to make a bomb of the type that damaged the car of the Israeli diplomat in New Delhi. The Times of India of 19 Feb carries a story captioned “New […]

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