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Media Trans-National Companies

An enormous amount of negative news about India is traded by trans- National Media Companies like the BBC, NYT, The Washington Post and others of their genre. They have their commission agents, merchant partners and stringers in India. Like other MNCs in other high-tech areas, these MNCs & TNCs know their operational objectives in India. […]

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Media’s Treatment of Donald Trump & Prime Minister Modi

There is really no comparison between the two leaders excepting the role of the media. The media in both cases has failed to learn and continued to preach and make horribly wrong assessment of the public mood and the popularity of these two leaders with them. Otherwise Donald Trump is a rich man and Modi a not-rich man; Trump an astute American businessman and Modi a public servant in the true mold of Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave; Trump a part time politician and Modi a full time one. There is one similarity though – both have attracted in abundance negative compliments from the media.

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Demanding Freedom without Contributing? Diagnosing the JNU Rumpus

India has been subjected to the ardhasatya (half truth) by a political ardha kumbh of the students & professors of the JNU under the influence of a variety of political forces in the country and abroad. Prominent among them are the Congress Party, the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party (Marxist), other left organizations, […]

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