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Reality & Illusion

Illusion & Reality Reality is wrapped In layers after layers Of illusion Each one bewitching some Or the other sense organ Like the vision The hearing The touch The smell Or Taste! Everything is the same Feels the same By seeing Hearing Smelling Tasting Touching! And yet It dawns rarely That it is all illusion […]

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Secure the Anti-Graft Movement

There are too many foxes under the tree making too many adulatory statements for the intelligent crow ( kaak chestaa) to sing the tune they want, so that the aromatic piece of bread of anti graft movement in its beak falls to the ground ! This time the fox is stoutly and resolutely supported by […]

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Har koi ghayal (Hindi poem:script Roman)

Mahanagaron mein Log ghayal hein Jabki zyadatar maalaamaal hein Unse behtar Bo badhaal hein Jo naa too maalaamaal hein Naa hi dhanbaan hai Naa kisi rozgaar guarantee ke hakdaar hein Naa kisi bimaa ke laabhkaar hein Unhone chhod diya Sochanaa Hisaab karanaa Boh mil jayey to bhi theek hai Naa mile toh bhi theek hai […]

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