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Conflict is In the nature  Of Creation, It spurs action Its absence inertia Karma-Akarma The conflicting aspects It is not between Man and man Man and species Living and circumstances Spurred to action Resolution of conflict Inertia aggravating it Lingers on and on  Do as formatted There is no dearth  Of Guides: Instincts, Emotions, Thoughts, […]


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Kabir: The Great Indian Poet

Kabir  is one of the most loved poets of India. In his couplets, he refers to himself as Kabira . Who knows, he might have earned the name when mocked by the pundits of Benares, who might have called him a poet or KaviRamnaami, which got shortened to Kabira in due course. This is Kabir’s […]

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Rituraj Vasant or the King of All Seasons

Spring is the best of all seasons. That is why it is addressed as the Rituraj or the king of the seasons. In India, we live through 6 ritus or seasons. Vasant is the best of all. It is the Magh month according to the Indian calendar. Today is the best day, as it is […]

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Monsoon Moods

Watching magnanimous drops pouring generously, after eluding this part of the city, during the month of  Shravan (July-August) under the national calendar. We have entered the next month of Bhadon or Bhadrapad (August-Septenber). On the coming 22nd of August we celebrate sree Krishna Janmasthami or the birthday of Lord Krishna. Legend has it that the […]

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Poet & Listener Are Same

How does poetry work on a listener? How does the reader listen to poetry? Why do readers say “every time I read this poem, it strikes a new meaning, I get a new insight, a new meaning in the words or expression or rhythm”? What makes the greatness of the “poet” mingle easily in the […]

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