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The Cloak-and-dagger Civil Society

A grouping of hundreds of self styled civil society members have started a campaign to oust prime minister Narendra Modi. They had benefited from the misrule of the UPA-I & II when the NAC functioned as a superior government exercising all Executive Authority of the Government of India without leaving a paper trail. Today the political parties want paper trail of votes cast in the EVM, but never demand any such proof from unlawful governments functioning, giving the impression that a handful of crooks are enough to rule a poor country like India. They had done that in the Emergency of 1975-77. They have done so during 2004-14. Will they succeed again to install an NAC rule which will impose emergency in due course so that no elections are held, opposition leaders are jailed, freedom of thought and expression is snatched and students are killed at whim on the basis of political views. The real civil society has to watch and see what they can do to protect and preserve the constitution of India, democracy and freedom of the people.

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Public Paroxysm & Political Parties In Democracy

Public demonstrations against democratically elected governments are regular occurrences in democracies globally. Why is it that the public gives vent to its paroxysm so frequently? Developed countries face public anger in the form of occupy Wall Street while others have protests like India Against Corruption or Movement against black money stashed away in foreign countries. […]

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Rajiv Gandhi Declared Innocent – My Book Stated So Earlier

The Swedish Police Chief, Stein Lindstrom, has dropped a virtual information bomb today. He has stated that the Swedish Deep Throat was none other than him, who had leaked 350 documents relating to the bribery case of Bofors Guns supplied to the Indian Defence Ministry, to the Indian journalist.The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was […]

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Office Politics: Why People Attack You!

The number of sly, scheming or hostile colleagues in office is a necessary evil everywhere. The new comer tries to be nice to everybody but receives either cold response or expressionless faces.  It makes him/her a little nervous and diffident. Lack of experience compels the person to seek peer help. But nothing comes for free, […]

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Attacking ‘Dalaals’?

Dalaals are not attacked even on the Dalal street! Why then should they be treated so contemptuously in UP? Like father, like son! Rajiv attacked the dalaals, banned them from defence deals (maaldaar ministry) and everyone knows how he was done in by his own confidante and finance minister! Had he not gone hammer & […]

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