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Did God Also Make Mistake?

He who is all perfection seems to have committed at least one terrible mistake- the mistake of creating Man. Why did the Lord think of creating man? Should He not have stopped after creating everything before thinking of adding one more species to His beautiful Garden on Earth? Can God commit a mistake?

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Green V/s Development

The Uttarakhand disaster has raised several questions on political, administrative, economic, developmental and environment planks. Environmentalists blame the tragedy to unchecked exploitation of the hills for laying roads and bridges, developing residential colonies, haphazard growth of hotels and markets, illegal structures of various kinds, tourism, population growth, infrastructure development, blasting the hills for these developments, […]

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Suggested Features Of The New Land Acquisition Bill

The government needs to consider the LA Bill in greater details. It is not the responsibility of one minister but the full cabinet. Hence views of all the concerned ministries need to taken into consideration.  Issues like these deserve detailed scrutiny:  Should fertile arable land be spared at all for any other purpose like urban […]

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