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The UN Can’t Promote Economic Occupation

The UN is perceived as a kind of a World Government with which the best ethical democratic practices are associated. So when its agencies seek “reforms”, a warm welcome is extended to them by governments, intelligentsia, media and scholars. As poverty afflicts a major part of the world population, reforms are promoted in the name […]

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Robbing the Poor

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) programme of the Government of India aims to reach health services to the “poor” in rural India. It is funded by the Government of India and implemented through the State Governments, who are federating units of the Union of India. It has become an election issue in the Uttar […]

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Har koi ghayal (Hindi poem:script Roman)

Mahanagaron mein Log ghayal hein Jabki zyadatar maalaamaal hein Unse behtar Bo badhaal hein Jo naa too maalaamaal hein Naa hi dhanbaan hai Naa kisi rozgaar guarantee ke hakdaar hein Naa kisi bimaa ke laabhkaar hein Unhone chhod diya Sochanaa Hisaab karanaa Boh mil jayey to bhi theek hai Naa mile toh bhi theek hai […]

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