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India in 21st Century, Media in 20th

Priyanka will prove a damp squib like the Kolkata conclave of 23 regional parties. The only gain of Priyanka entering formally politics is the quelling of the intrigues and scheme of 23 regional parties and their leaders dreaming of making it to the prime ministership of India by giving the slogan of defeat Narendra Modi, stop Modi, check Modi from winning another term in the election of parliament in April-May 2019. That works in favour of Narendra Modi.

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2016: Year of Good Governance

A country of 1.25 billion was held to ransom by just a 125 crooks who stole all political power with the help of black money. They thought they had established their rule forever. But they have been proved wrong by the inherently honest Indian people in just 50 days. Narendra Modi has won the people’s trust. For the people of India he is a leader endowed with the right qualities of leadership: visionary, decisive, honest, knowledgeable and farsighted.

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Delhi Voters Verdict Confounds Everyone

While the anti-corruption agitation connected Arvind Kejriwal to the middle class, the focus on urban poverty connected him to the urban poor Delhi residents. There lies the mystery of the “scary” victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. It contains a hidden message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think of “smart villages” before you devote all your energies on setting up or developing 100 smart cities. You need smart villages to sustain smart cities.

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