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Direct Tax Reforms

Indian socialism led to shortages, rationing, black marketing, licensing, inspector raj, corruption, welfare schemes, ubiquitous corruption, political upheavals, hollow sloganeering like Garibi Hatao (Remove poverty), failure of constitutional scheme of governance (Horse Trading, Ayaa Ram Gayaa Ram, Revolving Door Policy for MPs & MLAs), loss of ideologies, stressed economy and ever-increasing poverty. Our poets have glorified poverty as if it is the biggest achievement in life. Unless these failures are meant to be continued, India has to modify its socialism. That socialism is contained in a simple phrase: Ram Rajya.
The direct tax policy should be a tool of all round growth and development and no disincentive as at present to innovation, initiative, invention, discovery and novelty. If drawn after in-depth consideration, it can guide the nation to move from poverty to prosperity in the next 15 years. A transparent government can deliver results on this count.           

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