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Supreme Court Strikes Down Sec 66 A of IT Act

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of mischief. Anybody converting freedom of speech to freedom of mischief has to face the consequences like criminal proceedings leading to arrest and civil liability to pay monetary damages or apology if the aggrieved party accepts the apology. The law exists for all these situations. It is because we already have very strong laws on the subject and our judiciary is not only independent but powerful that we never required the legal provisions of Sec 66A of the IT Act. It is in this context that the Supreme Court ruling declaring it unconstitutional has been welcomed across the board.

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Freedom of Press Not For Abuse

The Indian Express today sensationalized the country by publishing a story about troop movements towards Delhi in January, suggesting some kind of a coup. Nothing more tendentious has appeared in the history of India so far. In the context of the Army Chief Gen VKSingh ¬†going hammer and tong after the corrupt lobbyists and vendors, […]

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