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India Averted Financial Emergency: Finance Minister Chidambaram

The Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, has said in an interview to a TV channel(ZeeTV) that the reforms announced in the recent weeks have averted a financial emergency! This confession from no less a person than the finance minister of India validates my apprehensions about it contained in some of my posts on this website and […]

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Time Magazine’s Stale News

The latest issue of the Time magazine carries a story which calls the Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh an “underachiever”. There is nothing new in it. Rather it is stale news, if one cares for My  Book published on this site long back. Man Mohan Singh was not “appointed” to “achieve” anything. Hence, there […]

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Not Much Scope For Manoeuvring For Man Mohan Singh

Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, resigned on 26th June to file his papers for President. That gave speculators all the freedom to indulge in wild dreams. The new Finance Minister is expected to usher in all the reforms, strengthen the rupee against the US dollar, contain inflation, boost investment, open retail trade for multi-brand FDI, slow […]

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