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Dharma is Superior to Religion

He word “Dharma” is commonly used in India and is also subject to a wrong connotation largely because of it being treated as a synonym of religion. Simply defined dharma means that “which is to be dhaaran kiyaa jaanaa or that can be adopted, accepted and followed. Jo dhaaran karne yogya ho vahi dharm hai. […]

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Future Of Secularism

Where will secularism stand in the year 2112? The Crusaders and the Jehadis will grow stronger by the year. Modernity or 21st Century had no effects on them. Their operations only drew strength from technological empowerment of the human society. The verbal violence of their speech, followed by physical violence of bomb blasts and suicide […]

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Suicides, Religion and Knowledge Society

The global Indian members of the contemporary knowledge society are turning more religious than the lesser educated people. What is driving them to religion? Spirituality? Ritual? Religion? No definite answer can be given, since only trends have been observed. This class of people is in the highest strata of society by any measurement. They belong […]

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