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Jehadis Challenge Democracy

The civilized societies of modern democracies have to revisit their laws. Terrorists are exploiting the laws of modern liberal democratic societies. They can’t be treated to fair and equal treatment of the law. They inflict widespread casualties but suffer no consequences on arrest as they get away with the justice dispensation mechanism practiced by democracies. Inhuman elements deserve no human treatment.Violence for violence, brutality for brutality, savagery for savagery is not the answer. The world has invested heavily in modernizing. It can’t waste all its intellectual, moral and scientific achievements to reach this level by adopting the same means as are practiced by the ISIS or similar other terror groups. Doing so would validate their style. Besides, the modern world would find itself a weak match for the barbarity of the terrorists. Other methods would need to be devised.It has to be a UNO devised response.

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