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India in 21st Century, Media in 20th

Priyanka will prove a damp squib like the Kolkata conclave of 23 regional parties. The only gain of Priyanka entering formally politics is the quelling of the intrigues and scheme of 23 regional parties and their leaders dreaming of making it to the prime ministership of India by giving the slogan of defeat Narendra Modi, stop Modi, check Modi from winning another term in the election of parliament in April-May 2019. That works in favour of Narendra Modi.

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Coalition Politics

Three things happened almost simultaneously. Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of the Congress Party made a public statement to the effect that he was prepared to take a more pro-active part  in the affairs of the party and the government.  Pranab Mukherjee contested the election of President of India. Almost simultaneously, one of the allies of […]

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