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“Lord” Marx And Ram

The very mention of the name Ram is enough to provoke the Bhaktas of Marx, who have the sole rights to be called progressive, rational, liberal, tolerant, modern, secular and scientific. If anybody talks anything else, it is mythology. By the middle of the 20th Century, Marx and Marxism had been rendered a mere myth. So much so that in India its sole remnant is difficult to recognize. Delhi’s own Harvard and its little Marx & Engels still raise slogans, but it is more to grab news headlines or photographs and find a career in politics.

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Media Torture

It is such a torture these days to watch the TV. There is not even one TV channel that offers any positive news or constructive views. There is so much negativity on air that the airwaves seem to spread audio-visual flu. It causes the eyes and ears to ache and the mind to suffer a […]

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Sports Bill Draft Rejected by cabinet ?

The youthful Minister for Sports in the ManMohan Singh led council of Ministers is reportedly smarting under the rejection of his proposal by the cabinet! But should he be? The minister forgot in his youthful enthusiasm that it is not in the absence of knowledge about what is happening in the field of sports in […]

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