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To Be or Not To Be Cashless, That Is the Question

Should India go cashless or not is the most debated topic after demonetization of high value currency notes in India. The government is pushing for increasing the share of cashless transactions in the economy so that “less cash” remains in circulation in the economy.I can hazard a guess that it will take no more than 24 months for a major portion of the Indian economy to become cashless, for the benefits far outweigh the hiccups.

Once it becomes easy for even the illiterate to transact smoothly with a mobile phone it will replace physical currency because of the bother to keep it and protect it from robbers, cheats and petty criminals.

It will become popular among the working class population for they will get full wages paid to their account without getting shortchanged by the employer.

Women will welcome it as they will get paid equal wages for equal work and also manage their personal earnings better than entrusting it to their husband or other male members in the family, who are not always innocent of breach of trust.

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