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The Creation & The Void

One widely discoursed topic among the enlightened is the conflict in life. People get easily perplexed by seeming duality, such as in pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness, this life and the other life. There should really be no worry about such seemingly opposite realities. They are one and the same thing. Whatever seems contrasting […]

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Zardar’s Pilgrimage to Dargah Sharif at Ajmer

Pakistan President Zardari made a pilgrimage to the Dargah at Ajmer in Rajasthan today.His visit was was known to the media. So a lot is being made out of a very personal visit. One headline has made it “Dargah Diplomacy”. Another chose to focus on “bilateral issues”. Since he is the Head of State, he […]

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Steven Jobs Has Gone Nowhere

  Heard a lot on TV channels, read a lot in the newspapers , including from the New York Times(NYT) about Steve Jobs after his death was announced. Most comments are restricted to the business empire the Emperor has left behind! From the glimpses of him as displayed on the TV channels, he was two […]

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